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Cruisin' through the jungles of L.A. ♥

Lucy and Ramona

Lucy and Ramona
2 December 1991
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  • lucy_and_ramona@livejournal.com
This is Lucy and Ramona's fanfiction journal. We write stories for Beatles, Monkees, American Idol, YouTube and Whitest Kids U' Know fandoms, as well as probably many more to come. Friend us if you like, we're pretty awesome. :)

We don't update this journal, it's solely for posting to communities, but feel free to friend either of our solo journals; Lucy is spibsy and Ramona is glitter_hippie. :)


Marriage is love.

But we're not married. At least, not to each other. Ramona might be internet married to mellamonaranja. Lucy isn't allowed to get married in her state, yet, though.